Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello...My Name is

Hello!  My name is Kelly Murphy...

Just wanted to include some information about me, since I haven't done so yet.  I am a Phd student at the University of Calgary, working on my dissertation on Hawaiian Creole English and Hawaiian Intonation.  I lived in Phoenix before I moved to Calgary with my husband.  12 years of warm weather and then moved up to the frozen tundra...well- its not that bad, but winters can get pretty cold.

Researching this topic has taken me to beautiful lands to meet some pretty awesome people.  One person Iʻve met and become friends with is

 Lee Tonouchi...

the ʻpidgin guerilla'...he writes poetry and plays, teaches, and does it all in Pidgin.  He also wrote his master's thesis in Pidgin.  AND he has been a great participant in my research...Special thanks to Lee for all that he has helped me do. Here is a pic of him and a link to an article about him in Honolulu Magazine. (and he has a new book out, called- Significant Moments in da Life of Oriental Faddah and Son

This blog's purpose is to share what is happening with my research with those who are interested.  This is going to be one great journey as I work to complete my dissertation.  Keep checking back to see my progress. 



Thanks for stopping by!  

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