Friday, February 17, 2012

HOWZIT!? PIDGIN (Hawaiian Creole English) Resources

If you haven't been to Hawaii, and you haven't heard what pidgin - the local language sounds like, here are some places to go to hear it!

1. Pidgin: the Voice of Hawaii

This is a documentary about pidgin in Hawaii...the history of it, attitudes about it, and common vocabulary used.

2.  AnyKine Kine Podcasts

Created by two guys who grew up in Hawaii and moved to San Francisco, this weekly show features music and fun conversations about every day things they do.

3. Catch a play or poem read by Lee Tonouchi the "pidgin guerrilla" (check out his work if you go to Hawaii) He is also in the documentary, Pidgin: The Voice of Hawaii

4.  Da Jesus Story

Hear the bible translated into pidgin.

and videos, of course.  You can find anything on Youtube.

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